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Thank you

Since my first video on youtube, I was hooked. I decided then and there that I wanted to teach people about woodworking. I myself am not a master at the craft, but I thought that maybe, just maybe I could offer something to the woodworking community. In turn, the woodworking community has shown me great support with their advice, comments, subscriptions and friendship.

You all have opened up your arms and hearts and accepted me, giving me a place among you. And I greatly appreciate that. I made a committment to you to provide you with a new project every week. To always be there if you had a question or needed advice or just a helping hand. And in turn you have shown me great kindness and support. It was all I could ever ask for.

Some of you have asked me to put up a donate button on here so that you may show your support. I have decided to do so, but I want to say, that your subscriptions, comments and friendship is support enough so please if you decide to support me though donations, no amount is too small and only give what you can. My purpose here is to help you, teach you or show you tips, or how to build a project and to be there if you need a hand or advice. And my dedication and promise to the woodworkers of the world, new or old is that I will do my best to be a role model and someone you can count on. Thank you.

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