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The Wood Whisperer Charity Build

September 26 - November 14, 2011

Rocking HorseMy friend and creator of Woodworker's Fighting Cancer, Marc Spagnuolo, AKA The Wood Whisperer, is having a great charity event to raise money for cancer research. Marc, has worked out arrangements for woodworkers to be able to get a free rocking horse plan (The Charity Build Project). Here is the Great part, for each person who builds a horse and sends Marc a photo, $1 will be donated to Livestrong. Not only that, Marc has set up with some corporate sponsors that will match donations, so this event can really take off, if you want to help out or participate click  here  for more information on the event.

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Whirligig Wars Woodworking Contest

From July 13 - 23, 2012 A Simpple design of Ocala is teaming up with Woodworking For Mere Mortals to bring you the first annual Whirligig Wars whirligig building contest

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