A Field Trip to the Sawmill Part 2

In this video , i give you a look at what happens after the milling. Stacking and sticker the wood to dry. I talk to you about the cost of the milling and the savings from milling vs. buying retail.

You may not be aware of it, but there may be some portable mill owners (guys who do it for a hobby or even a small wood milling service guy) in your area. If you have something like "craigslist" you could always place a free add in the wanted section looking for a "wood milling service" its worth a shot.

Now to correct myself. In the video as I explain the cost of the milling I stated it cost me $126.00. I was actually off by $12 lol. The total cost to mill the two logs (390 board feet) was $138.00

So let's run some numbers!

 My pecan trees were free, out of 4 logs, i have had 2 of them milled into lumber (as you saw in the video) to mill the two logs it cost me, $138.00 $63.00 for the first log and $75.00 for the second log. out of those two logs I yielded 390 board feet of pecan lumber.

Now to purchase pecan it runs about $4.70 a board foot, If I were to have purchased 390 board feet of pecan from a retail location it would have cost me $1,833. (and that is for only 8" wide boards) My boards range from 6" to 17" and By milling it myself I saved a total of $1,695.00 .

Now that's a big savings!


Your comments are greatly appreciated! Feedback is how I am able to better my self, this site and my services to you.


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