Shop Talk With Steve Ramsey

The first time you watch one of Steve Ramsey's videos. It's safe to say you will watch another and another because Steve is such a fun and entertaining guy as well as a great woodworker.

I consider Steve a great friend. And So I invited him to join me for a bit of Shop Talk. A look at the man behind the videos, so to speak. And it is clear to see how great of a guy he is.Steve's Plaque

Along with sitting one on one with Steve, I also present him with a Plaque which is pictured right, This plaque is a small token of appreciation for Steve's contribution to the woodworking community.

It is also a representation of the fund raiser we held a month ago where many woodworkers from all across the globe united and donated money to purchase Steve a brand New Porter Cable Tablesaw. you can read about it here, the plaque has a list of the names of all the contributers to the saw.

So sit back, and enjoy this short video.