A Simple Design of Ocala, Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in Ocala Florida and specializes in custom furniture and crafts. The company website features woodworking with online videos, articles, projects, live interaction chat featuring Laney Shaughnessy, Craftsman

The Woodworking Journey

Laney Shaughnessy, Owner and President talks about how this hobby turned into a business.

I can't recall where my passion for woodworking blossomed. My great uncle was a woodworker. A simple man who enjoyed creating things. Sadly, I never really had the opportunity to know him well, I was very young when he passed away. The memories of him surround me everyday, as my shop was once his.

Craftsman was his tool of choice back then. Every corner of the shop had a Craftsman tool tucked away. Over the years, tools have been replaced or upgraded. I myself like Porter Cable. Most all of my tools from my table saw to my biscuit Joiner are Porter Cable. I just think they make a great product. Even though Uncle Van's tools are no longer with me, his presence is still strong in the shop.

I have always been creative, from photography, to website design to jewelry and eventually woodworking, I was always creating something growing up. My career path over the years, went from Real Estate, to Federal Corrections, to electrical work ultimately ending up in the construction trade. Remodeling homes has been a major part of my life, day in and day out it's what i did.

But somewhere along the way, i grew weary and tired. I needed a fresh start. Something more personal, something more hands on. That's when i decided to take my passion for woodworking and turn it into a living. Now I can't say that the business took off and all things are gravy. Quite the contrary. I have a few loyal customers who know they can turn to me when they need something made.

I am trying to venture into the Internet and video making, sharing my passion with others. Although, I'm not getting thousands of hits, I do have a faithful following that watches. I Love what I do, I am not sure how I got here, or where I am going. But I do know that I am doing what I love and will continue doing it for as long as my hands are able to.

Everyday, I am meeting new people, the woodworking community is a great one. Woodworker's from around the world unite with one common goal. Create. And as they create their own little masterpieces, they are there to lend a helping hand or offer some helpful advice to the next woodworker. And for me, I think that is amazing. And I am happy to be a part of it all. I'd like to think, that even though I didn't really know my uncle, that in some way, his love for creating was passed onto me and he is looking down, smiling, proud that I have stumbled into a craft that he loved so much. Here is a piece that my great uncle made in the shop. The photos were provided by my cousin Ed Perry. According to Ed, this piece was made over 30 + years ago.

Uncle Van's Furniture I have the ability to create, and a passion for this craft, together that is going to be my recipe for success. It's going to take time and patience, but it will come. I'll probably still be sanding when it does. Ha.

Laney Shaughnessy, Craftsman

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